Five tablescaping tips: Dine the Caroline Gardner way this Christmas

There's nothing more exciting that setting the table for Christmas, whether it's a table for two or a table for twenty a beautiful looking table for the most anticipated meal of the year is a must.  Here are our top tips to creating the perfect Christmas table setting...

Christmas Tablescape


1) Start with choosing a theme or colour scheme.

We love colour here at Caroline Gardner so ours will be popping with bright, fun pieces to spread more Christmas joy.  Don't be afraid to mix colours, a soft pink and a punchy green could be a winning combination.

Christmas Tablescape


2) Pick a fabulous centrepiece. 

Whether it's your trusted Christmas candles that come out every year or festive fresh blooms, a centrepiece will bring the table together.

 Christmas Tablescape

3. Tableware is key. 

Whether you use your best dinner set or mix and match pieces for a more eclectic look, let your personality shine in your selection. Our fun side plates

Christmas Tablescape

4. Don't forget music. 

Christmas tunes are the obvious choice here but if you and your guests have heard 'All I want for Christmas' one too many times by now, create a playlist by asking all guests to name their five favourite songs, hit shuffle  and hey presto you have your personalised Christmas playlist.  

Christmas Tablescape


5. Mix and match candles.

Use different sized candles throughout the table to add height as well as ambient lighting. Mix these with fairy lights and string lights for the ultimate cosy atmosphere.