Get back into a Routine

The start of September signals a time of change. Kids go back to school and the weather starts to get crisper. There's a real sense of the desire to get into a rhythm and plan how to spend the colder months. Read on as we offer our tips for getting back into a post-summer holiday routine.


Set yourself realistic goals

lady writing with a pen on paper

Whether it's something you'd like to achieve at work, there's a project at home that's been niggling you or some changes you'd like to make in your relationships, start by taking the time to write down your goals. It's important to keep them realistic so that you have a chance of achieving them. 


Get Organised

caroline gardner wall art, watering can, notebook

After a relaxed Summer, the best way to embrace the new season is by getting organised. Planning out weekly meals, keeping a family diary and even organising your wardrobe can make you feel focussed and in control.


A Morning Routine 

morning countryside

Set yourself up for a positive day with a morning walk or jog. Getting some fresh air releases endorphins and energy which can help you feel more productive.


Commit to making time for you

bed tea and magazine relax and reset

Be kind to yourself, your body and your mind. Think about the things you really enjoy doing and carve out some weekly time to do them. Whether it's a walk and a coffee, some extra sleep or time meditating, make sure there is time set aside just for you.


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