Design Stories: City Break

Introducing the "city break" collection, our latest spring/summer capsule, featuring delightful hearts, peachy pinks, and playful loop prints. We caught up with our design team to learn more about their inspiration and process behind this exciting new release.

what inspired the "city break" collection?

Our team's inspiration for the "city break" collection stemmed from a sense of adventure and exploration. Drawing from the vibrant colours of spring and summer, we sought to capture the essence of these seasons through lively hues and playful patterns.

how did you choose the colour palette?

We've always been drawn to bright and bold colours in our designs. For this collection, we were inspired by the lively tones of spring and summer, with a particular focus on the trending peachy pink shade. This soft and delicate hue reflects kindness, compassion, and connection, aligning perfectly with the Caroline Gardner ethos.

favourite piece from the collection?

One standout piece from our new collection is the double zip wash bag. Designed with practicality in mind, it offers easy access to your essentials while on the move. Inspired by classic wash cases, it's the ideal companion for modern travellers who never leave home without their must-have toiletries.

a fun facts about the collection...

The loop print, reminiscent of colourful rubber rings found on vacations, draws inspiration from the vibrant scenes of Barcelona's rooftop pools.

why welcome back luggage tags and passport holders?

Our goal was to curate the ultimate travel capsule, ensuring you're prepared for any adventure in style. Paired with the weekend bag from our 'bloom' collection, the travel accessories from the 'city break' capsule complete the ensemble. The return of luggage tags and passport holders adds a touch of practical elegance to your travels.

We hope you enjoyed our Q&A, if you would like to explore the new collection click here...