Design stories: Bloom

Introducing 'Bloom,' our latest collection and the first of three capsules this season.  Here's a bit more about how and why we created it. We hope you love it! 

Here's what our London design team told us about their inspiration behind the new collection...

1. What sparked the concept behind 'Bloom'?

'Bloom' is a concept born from our collective aspiration to create a grown-up sanctuary... A peaceful retreat for some well-deserved 'me-time' and a space to truly 'bloom.' The collection itself draws from a fusion of opulent gold metallics, delicate hand-painted mono flowers, and the earthy charm of kraft paper. The versatility of this concept makes it perfect for multiple spaces, be it a favourite bedroom nook, a stylish dressing table, or a serene escape from the chaos of a busy desk.

2. How did you arrive at the chosen colour palette for this collection?

We deliberately chose for a minimalistic palette to echo tranquility and warmth. Cream neutrals create a soothing backdrop, enhanced by the sun-dipped glow of gold foil and the comforting warmth of sunset orange. Transition effortlessly from day to night or from Winter into Spring, with charcoal and cream prints seamlessly bridging the seasons.

3. What sparked the love affair with Kraft paper?

As designers, we're always on the lookout for texture innovations, we fell head over heels for the casual charm of washable kraft fabric.  It's stunning and sustainable - win win. 

4. Why did you decide to blend gold and kraft?

Opposites attract! We were drawn to the casual, imperfect nature of the washable kraft fabric, dipped in high shine gold foil. The idea that the foil was toned down by the kraft and the kraft ‘dressed up’ by the foil.

5. How did the success of the previous season influence the design of 'Bloom'?

Building on the success of the irregular mono flower from the previous season, we wanted to further explore hand worked florals, but with a more grown-up handwriting and geometric sensibility. This led us to the meticulous technique of monograph printing. Each flower, initially painted with gauche, is transferred onto a second sheet of paper, leaving an indelible impression of the original image. This meticulous process yields a truly one-of-a-kind print, impossible to replicate.

Explore our new collection here.