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Care for your Cashmere
There are so many reasons to love cashmere. It's super soft, wonderfully cosy and if cared for, it can last for many years to come. From how to store, clean and mend, read on for our tips on how to care...
Dressing gowns & kimonos styling tips
Dressing gowns and kimonos are one of the latest fashion trends. After wearable pyjamas, dressing gowns have also become part of what is known ad "versatile dressing". Here are some styling tips!
70 years of style on the throne – Bags for a Royal

Just like us here at Caroline Gardner, the queen is a bag lover. In her 70 years on the throne, she has in fact rarely been spotted without her favourite handbag: a classic black leather bag that works with any of her colourful outfits.

Five Top Tips to Keep Your Desk Tidy and Organised
Does a cluttered desk result in a cluttered mind? Can a clean desk help organise your thoughts? It’s a debate without a definite answer – some say a messy desk means you’re more creative, while a tidy desk makes you...
The meaning of colours
This year, Caroline Gardner offers the widest range of colours in cashmere it has ever offered. Our cashmere hats, gloves, wrist warmers and bedsocks come in a broad array of bright and colours to complete your winter looks with an unexpected twist!
Our Hand-painted Leather Bags
After the success of our personalisation event we decided to scale up! Three of the leather bags popular in our Marylebone High Street store were identified to be customised, to create 3 one off show-stopping pieces to star in our window and to be won in an exclusive competition.