70 years of style on the throne – Bags for a Royal

2022 marks the 70th year of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. This is a historical event as the Queen is the first British monarch to celebrate her 70th year on the throne. The Jubilee Weekend will be a chance to commemorate Her Majesty’s achievements and celebrate her 70 years of service. 


Queen Elizabeth 70 years on the throne


Just like the Caroline Gardner team, the queen is a bag lover. In her 70 years on the throne, she has rarely been spotted without her favourite handbag; a classic black leather bag that works with any of her classically colourful outfits.

As Her Majesty has taught us, you can never go wrong with a black bag.  A versatile and elegant piece that can be styled with a variety of outfits and looks. Here are some of our best-selling black leather handbags perfect for every occasion.

 Black Leather Helena Saddle Bag Caroline Gardner black camera bag Black Leather Woven Large Alifa bag


In her 70 years of reign, the Queen has become a style icon with her colourful outfits. From beautiful pastels, bold bright hues and neutral tones, the Queen has shown us all that every colour can be worn with class and style. Colourful handbags are a great way to bring colours into your wardrobe and lift your outfits. Caroline is a colour lover, if you are too here are some of our favourite vibrant handbags.


Sunny Yellow Leather Alyssa Crossbody Bag

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Pale Pink Leather Camera Bag

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Maui Woven Large Alifa Crossbody Bag

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Orange Leather Mini Camera Bag

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The Queen’s handbag

For the Queen, handbags are not only a fashion accessory to complete her beautiful outfits, but she also uses her beloved handbags to communicate with her staff.

Uncomfortable situation? The Queen will put her handbag on the floor.

Does dinner need to be wrapped up? The handbag will be placed on the table.

What does the Queen carry in her handbags? Royal biographers disclosed that the Queen carries a folded £10 note for her Sunday donations to the church collection. The most important items in her bag are a pocket mirror and lipstick. Like every woman, even the Queen needs a bit of a touch up now and then! Some speculate that she might also carry treats for her corgis, tissues, and a small comb, while others believe her handbags are filled with good luck charms and family pictures.

While this remains a mystery, we are sure you will find the perfect bag for you here at Caroline Gardner. 


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