Care for your Cashmere

There are so many reasons to love cashmere. It's super soft, wonderfully cosy and if cared for, it can last for many years to come. From how to store, clean and mend, read on for our tips on how to care for your cashmere pieces.


caroline gardner cashmere socks



When any clothing is put in a washing machine, the movement and friction is what cleans the piece, which works perfectly for manmade fibre. Cashmere fibres are very delicate, and any heat or friction will cause them to fuse together, felt and decrease in size. If you put any cashmere pieces in the washing machine, you might find it's absolutely tiny when you take it out! Cashmere should always be spot-cleaned to preserve the fibres and prolong the life of the piece. Completely avoid using any sort of bleach or detergent, as the alkaline can cause any stains to set. Use lukewarm water, as hot water will also set stains in the fibres.


There are a couple of rules to follow when drying your cashmere. Firstly, avoid the tumble dryer, radiators and sunlight as direct heat can shrink the fibres. Instead, lay your piece out flat, making sure it's in its original shape and it will dry nicely. Never twist or wring your cashmere, as this will damage the fibres. Instead, get rid of excess water by wrapping your piece in a ball and press on it against an empty sink.


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Ideally, cashmere should be stored inside out to avoid any other materials rubbing against it and causing bobbling. Make sure any spots of dirt or dust are cleaned off as these often attract moths and other bugs. Store cashmere pieces on a shelf or draw, making sure the fibres are not stretched.


Preventing moths

Moths love worn cashmere. If it's not properly stored, moths can land on cashmere and begin to eat through the fibres. They will then lay eggs which produce more moths, and the cycle continues. To prevent moths from ruining your favourite cashmere, store the pieces in a breathable container. For added protection, pop a lavender sachet in the storage and the smell will repel them. 


caroline gardner cashmere socks



If your beloved cashmere develops a hole, it doesn't need to be the end of its life. Instead of casting it aside, why not try mending your piece instead. All you need is a mending needle and thread and you'll be surprised at how simple it is.