Colourful cashmere accessories designed by Caroline Gardner. Luxurious cashmere hats, gloves, wrist warmers and socks in bright colours and unexpected designs.

      This year Caroline Gardner offers the widest range of colours in cashmere it has ever offered. A broad array of bright colours and vibrant designs to complete your winter looks with an unexpected twist!

      Our selection includes hats, gloves, wrist warmers and bedsocks that will keep you warm and cosy in the cold seasons. They are the perfect gift for the woman who has everything and is looking for an accessory to add a touch of colour to her winterwear.

      The cashmere range for this Winter and Autumn embodies Caroline Gardner’s unexpected sense of placement and use of colour.

      Gift your loved ones with a luxurious, high quality cashmere hat that will give them a stylish and unexpected finish to their look. 

      Touch screen gloves and wrist warmers are the perfect way to keep your hands warm while enjoying an outside walk or fight the cold on the daily commute or a night out.

      Our soft bedsocks are a perfect fit for a chilly afternoon spent reading with a warm cup of tea.

      Cashmere wool, commonly known as cashmere, is a natural fibre obtained from cashmere goat’s inner coat. This fibre is finer, more resistant than wool yet softer and warmer. Cashmere wool is collected in the Springtime, usually between March and May, when goats naturally molt their winter coat. Cashmere workers brush the goats to remove the fine hair, which will later be further refined to leave the inner and finer fibres. Cashmere is then cleaned and processed into the flat layers that are used to create the end products.

      Thanks to its natural sourcing, cashmere is resistant to wrinkles and it is able to maintain its shape, making it sit beautifully against the skin.

      Cashmere is naturally odour and water-resistant, so it requires basic care. Here are some tips to take care of your cashmere and make sure it maintains its colour, shape and softness:

      • Do not wash it often, as the fibres are water- and stain-resistant;
      • Hand wash cashmere with cool water or dry clean it. Dry cleaning is recommended as cashmere retains its shape and size;
      • Use gentle detergents to preserve the colour;
      • Avoid stretching the garment, but squeeze it gently;
      • Lay the garment flat to dry;
      • Ironing is not required as cashmere wool is wrinkle-resistant;
      • In the case of pills and matted fibres, we suggest using a firm soft sweater brush.

      49 products

      49 products