What does Mother's Day mean to you?

To all those incredible women who support, inspire, and empower others - you are the unsung heroes who make the world a brighter place. Here at Team CG, we're fortunate to have many wonderful and inspirational mums who are celebrating this Mother's Day. We've asked a few of them, as well as others who are husbands or daughters to amazing women, to share their perspectives on what Mother's Day means to them...

Caroline Gardner, Founder

"You pass through so many stages with your children as they grow up.  From the mother who’s constantly wiping things, to the school gate mother, the shoulder to cry on mother, even dare I say it, sometimes it’s even pretty stern mother - you have to be a constant after all.  The latest phase feels like ‘best friend’ mother, and it means an awful lot."

Kyra, Marketing Manager

"Mother's Day took on a whole new meaning for me when I became a mum. Now, I'm the one being spoiled and fussed over by my kids. They love making cards and picking out gifts, but what I'm honestly most excited about is some time to myself. A lie-in and a break from chores are at the top of my list. It's the small things like having control of the TV remote for the day that bring me bliss. I'm not one for going out for meals on Mother's Day, so I may put in a request for my favourite meal for dinner or even a takeaway so we can all hang out together. This will be my first Mother's Day without my own mum, so I'm counting on my little ones to keep me entertained and distracted too. While it would be nice if they went to bed early and slept through the night, I'll take the small wins and soak up the day."

Emma, Retail Director:

"For me, the perfect Mother's Day involves spending quality time with my babies and my mum. As someone who's always busy juggling everything, a day out of the hustle and bustle with my loved ones is the best gift. Sharing the day with my mum and seeing the joy on her face is priceless, especially when I see my kids with their grandma. It's heartwarming when they show their appreciation, reminding me why it's all worth it."

David, E-commerce Manager:

"Mother's Day always starts with getting up early to make pancakes with our little boy. We write cards together before surprising mum with tea and breakfast in bed. Then, it's all about spending quality time together as a family. Afterwards, I make sure my wife has some well-deserved alone time for self-care away from the chaos of everyday life."

Hannah, Marketing Coordinator:

"Mother's Day holds a special place in my heart as my mum is my absolute rock. It's great to have an excuse to spoil her without her trying to pay or telling me off for spending money on her! Even if it's just a small gesture, I feel grateful to be able to give back. Spending the day with her, reflecting on our wonderful line of women in the family, and lighting a candle in memory of my wonderful grandma makes the day really special."

However you're spending the day, we hope you have a lovely one.