Modern Calligraphy Tips

Modern calligraphy and hand lettering has been a huge trend in the last few years and is a prominent feature in a lot of our card ranges and stationery. With intricate and flowing letterforms we love the personal touch hand letter can bring.


Modern calligraphy can be any type of calligraphy that doesn’t follow the very particular strokes and rules that traditional calligraphy scripts follow. So modern calligraphy has lots of different styles. By controlling the amount of pressure used it makes lines thicker or thinner which creates the stylised script.


If you want to get into modern calligraphy we’ve put together our top tips on how to get started.

Tools – to get started obviously you need the correct equipment. You can buy starter packs such as Alice Gabb's Starter Kit or buy individual pieces from your local arts shop or places like hobbycraft. Depending on what level you are and how seriously you want to take it there are lots of different product offerings available.

Classes – Our designers here at CG attended a modern calligraphy workshop with Alice Gabb, an East London lettering designer specialising in Modern Calligraphy. The workshop was hosted at the Cake Hole in Vintage Heaven and was the perfect venue to be inspired! Classes are a great way to get to grips with the basics or get some guidance and advice on how to improve. If you want to book a class or workshop with Alice in London, check out her dates and classes available here.  Alternatively there are hundreds of books you can buy that will guide you through all you need to learn and include style sheets to copy, and of course there are plenty of online tutorials you can find online and on youtube.

Practice – with every new hobby practice is key to getting results. When designing quotes for Caroline Gardner products our designers will write out multiple sheets of the same phrase. They then put together the best version. Whether that’s the full thing or digitally putting together the best version of each word and even letter, ready to apply to the design.

Modern calligraphy


Modern calligraphy features on many of our products, mostly on our card ranges but also as quotes on stationery and accessories.

Off The Script is our latest card range to be released. This collection has a dynamic feel with the unexpected placement of the copy and features gold and copper foiling. The hand-scripted text adds a personal touch and makes the designs that bit more meaningful.

You're the best card

happy birthday to you cardhip hip hooray cardthank you so much card

 To make the calligraphy even more special many of our accessories and stationery pieces feature gold text. Check out our top picks below.