Celebrate International Dog Day with our top picks for dog lovers

International Dog Day is observed every year on the 26th of August. 2021 marks the seventeenth observance of this day since its first celebration in 2004. International Dog Day was founded in the United States by Coleen Page, an advocate for animal welfare and expert of pet lifestyle. Her wish in establishing the 26th of August as a day to celebrate all dogs of whichever breed, age, shape or size, was to encourage adoption and educate owners about the respect and love all dogs need. The 26th of August was chosen as the celebration day by the founder to remember the date her first dog was adopted from a shelter.

Dachshund Party

International Dog Day is today a chance to give man’s best friends a bit of extra love and attention to thank them for being such amazing companions to humans: Dogs who work in law enforcement to protect us, the ones who make perfect friends and helpers for the visually impaired and disabled people, our family dogs that every day bring a spark of joy into our lives! Let’s give all dogs the love they deserve. 

“Dogs are amazing, courageous, sensitive, and sentient beings."

Coleen Paige


Dogs are known for being amazing pets. Not only will they greet you like you have been away for years after a five-minute absence from the house, but dogs are also a great source of emotional support and unconditional love. Different research has proved that sharing your life with a dog improves responses to stress and alleviates anxiety. Moreover, dogs encourage humans to be more active with daily walks and playtime and improve social skills. They also make you more attractive (yes, this was actually proven by scientific research! https://doi.org/10.2752/175303708X371564)

We at Caroline Gardner are proud dog lovers. We love dogs so much, we always make sure to include our four-legged muses in our collections! Meet our new sausage dog keyring in our signature scattered hearts print. This design was once inspired by our much loved team member Frank! The guy you met here on the blog! He's Caroline's dachshund, and can regularly be found padding around Caroline Gardner HQ. 

Sausage Dog Keyring

You might recognise Frank from our   posts or some of our products inspired by him. We will make sure Frank will be showered with love and extra cuddles to celebrate International Dog Day and thank him for always bringing happiness and inspiration to our team!

There are different ways to celebrate International Dog Day. For instance, you can help out in a local shelter or spoil your four-legged friends with an extra walk, special treat, and a cuddle. If you know someone who absolutely loves dogs in your life, why not pick them out a card from our selection? This way you will be prepared when wanting to wish them a happy birthday. Check out our selections of dog themed-cards:

Sausage dog cards

We've EVEN got cards FROM the dog:

Birthday Card from the Dog

Look out for our Christmas dog-inspired designs. If you're a sausage-dog-lover you are going to LOVE them!

Christmas Cards with Dogs

After International Cat Day, we thought it was only fair to feature all of our Caroline Gardner Canines! We asked the members of the Team to share pictures of their pups... 



Nicola's dog ziggy 

Owner: Nicola (Design)

Name: Ziggy

Breed: Jack Tzu

Most lovable trait: Asking to come up on our laps for cuddles to fall asleep.

Ziggy loves: People and wants to greet everyone he sees.

Ziggy doesn't like: dogs barking. If he hears a dog in the distance he tries to run away or get picked up.

Best trick: He's 5 months old so training is a work in progress. His best trick is probably sprinting up the stairs before we can stop him.


Caroline's Dog Miller  

Owner: Caroline

Name: Miller

Breed: Black Labrador

Most lovable trait: Her puppy-dog eyes.

Miller loves: Apple cores

Miller doesn't like: When Frank gets all the attention


 Caroline's dog Frank

Owner: Caroline

Name: Frank

Breed: Dachschund

Most lovable trait: Office cuddles

Frank loves: Modelling for our cards and becoming a star. 


Emma's dog Dinky  

Owner: Emma (Buying)

Name: Dinky

Breed: Pomeranian

Most lovable trait: Sooo fluffy.

Dinky loves: Sweet potato snacks.

Dinky doesn't like: Birds in her garden.


Luca's Dog Kevin  

Owner: Luca (Sales)

Name: Kevin

Breed: Pomapoo

Most lovable trait: He's so enthusiatic and happy. The most friendly dog. Even when we tell him off , he wags his tail at us.

Kevin loves: To sneak off with a pair of socks.

Kevin doesn't like: Not being able to ride up front in the car.

Best trick: He'll do anything for a treat.


Luca's Dog Daphne  

Owner: Luca (Sales)

Name: Daphne

Breed: Dachschund

Most lovable trait: Fiercely loyal and loves nothing more than cuddling on the sofa with family, even the newest addition Rocco. Plus she is very over protective of her little bros, Kevin and Rocco.

Daphne loves: Running through the woods on Sheen Common and chasing squirrels.

Daphne doesn't like: Being told she can't sleep in the bed. Every night she tries to get away with it.

Best trick: Making sure the house and garden are guarded at all times, even from the birds and squirrels.