Decoration hack - how to make paper bag stars

If you've been to our flagship boutique in Marylebone or ordered from us online, the chances are you would have seen the cute, striped paper bags we use to wrap and protect your newest purchases but, instead of banishing bags like these to the recycling bin, why not get crafty and make your own paper star decorations.

Grab some scissors, a glue stick, plenty of paper bags and follow these steps.  Tag us in yours??

Step 1

Grab 8 paper bags and with your glue stick, glue a line across the bottom of one of them and then up the centre - like an upside down 'T'. Pop another bag on top.  Repeat this with the remaining bags leaving one bag without adding any glue.

paper bag star

Step 2

With your scissors, cut a triangular point on the top of the bags making sure the point is in the middle.  Don't worry if the angle aren't perfectly even...

paper star

Step 3 

Glue the front of the pile of bags in the upside down T shape again and then gently unfold the star and join the two ends together.  

star dec

Step 4

Cut a small slit in one of the points of the star and thread some string through it to hang.  Top tip - use fishing wire for the 'floating' star look.


paper bag star


Hey presto!  You're done.  We'd love to see yours.  Don't forget to tag us in @carolinegardnerofficial.