Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2021

Support Breast Cancer Now this Pink October

October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Since 1985 October has become the month to spread awareness about breast cancer, encouraging women to take preventive measures and raising funds for research.

Breast cancer is a topic close to some of our team members’ hearts. This year, our Commercial Director Emma participated in the Ealing Half Marathon to support her inspiring friends living with cancer. The stories of her friends Therese and Rich inspired her to find the determination to run a half marathon raising vital funds. Thanks to her effort she was able to raise more than £2500, which will contribute to the funding of projects to delay the spread of breast cancer and prolong the lives of those living with secondary cancer.

Running the Half Marathon in Ealing to support Breast Cancer Now

Running the Half Marathon in Ealing to support Breast Cancer Now

Our Commercial Director Emma running the Ealing Half Marathon in support of Breast Cancer Now. Read more about Emma’s fundraising at

Our team at Caroline Gardner supports the cause. This year we decided to raise funds for Breast Cancer Now by donating our profits of pink items on Breast Cancer Awareness Day.


Breast Cancer Now is a British charity supporting every person affected by breast cancer, the charity focuses on secondary breast cancer, where vital research is needed. The charity organises different events throughout October to raise awareness. October is now also called Pink October because of the many initiatives promoted by brands, companies and public bodies to draw attention to the topic.

Breast Cancer Now aims at providing support to people suffering from breast cancer all year round. To achieve this goal, the charity offers several services; including mental health support forums, online chats, apps and a phone helpline with advice form specialised nurses. Breast Cancer Now is not only a place to find medical information, but also a community of people who are willing to share their stories to gain strength and hope. Additionally, the charity provides medical information and encourages women to take action to prevent the surge of breast cancer.

Thanks to donations and fundraising, Breast Cancer Now has raised £243 million and funded cutting-edge projects for the prevention, treatment, early diagnose and prevention of long term effects caused by breast cancer to “create a future where, by 2050, everyone diagnosed by breast cancer lives – and is supported to live well.”

For more information about the research funded by Breast Cancer Now visit

During Pink October, Breast Cancer Now encourages everyone to take action. Whether it is a simple yet meaningful gesture like wearing pink on Breast Awareness Day or actively participating in a fundraising project, everyone can make a difference.

Wear It Pink Breast Cancer Now campaign

From Breast Cancer Now Wear It Pink campaign.