Behind the collection: Portobello Road

We’re excited to present the first of our latest SS22 collections, set to welcome the warmer weather with warm and livery colours.

Inspired by the colours and energy of the Portobello Road market, we designed the first of three collections for this season, with the feelings of excitement and unexpectedness of being in such a joyful and whimsical environment.


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Let’s be honest, every person who has ever visited Portobello Road has been struck by the amazing and unique colourful houses that make this area so special. And we are certainly among them! As colour lovers, we were inspired by the unique palette and combinations of the side roads of Portobello Road, and we could not help ourselves but to try and recreate this London landmark in print.


portobello road collection


Our Portobello Road collection colour palette features lilac, coral, pale blue and soft pink that remind us of the pretty houses, with hints of metallic gold that evoke the antiques sold in the market. The buzz of the fashion market is recreated in our signature heart print, reimagined in this new palette.

portobello road colour inspiration

Here are some of our favourites new from this collection:

 Before starting the design process, we were looking into why the houses of Portobello Road are so colourful and pretty. We were suspired to find out that this trend only started in the 60s, when one of the residents decided to paint her house. She was inspired by a red Rossini opera score cover. After mixing different shades of paint and consulting her neighbours on their preferences, she chose a raspberry colour. Quickly, other residents decided to paint their houses. The peer pressure of making the houses stand out in streets that were starting to be colourful and unique is the reason Portobello Road is now one of the most special markets in the world!

Our Portobello Road collection will take you to the energetic market and give you the feeling of joy and enthusiasm of rummaging through the vintage clothes, fabrics, china and antiques on a quest for hidden treasures!


About Portobello Road…

Portobello Road is one of the world’s most famous markets and certainly one of the most well-known landmarks in London. With over one thousand antique dealers, it is also the world’s largest antique market, where pieces dating back to the BC, crystals, books and many other collectibles can be found.

 But Portobello Road is not only an antiques market. In its Notting Hill location, various types of markets come together to create an inimitable experience for locals and visitors who come from all over the world to experience the uniqueness of this area. Besides numerous antiques shops and stalls, Portobello Road is also populated by street performers, a colourful fruit and vegetables market, a wide selection of fresh baked goods and fine cheese, oils, meat and seafood. And let’s not forget the hot food from all over the word and the “Fashion Market” where second hand and vintage clothes live side by side with new designers’ creations.


 A bit of history…

Portobello Road is today known for its energetic and joyful atmosphere. Its history as one of London’s most famous markets began 300 years ago. In fact, Portobello Road was no more than a country path, named after a city in Panama that was conquered by the British in 1739 during the Jenkins War. The development of the area was erratic, with residential buildings starting to appear after the nineteenth century, when Notting Hills station was also opened, pushing development of the northern end of the road. The surge of houses, shops and stalls quickly followed, but it was only in the 1940s that the market gained its uniqueness. It was in these years that antiques dealers started trading in the area.

The popularity of the market started rising in the 1980s, when it became one of the most desirable areas in the capital. This caused an influx of young designers, vintage and cutting edge clothing.

Portobello Road

Portobello Road colourful houses

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We hope you will feel like you are strolling through the streets of Portobello while taking a look at our collection! View here >>