Plastic Free July is here...

But, what exactly is Plastic Free July?

First of all, it was set up as a challenge (not a competition) intended to make us all  think about all the single-use plastic we use every day. Whatever you can cut out is a job well done! It's super simple so everyone and anyone can choose what single-use plastics to try to avoid and for how long.




At CG, we we strive to reduce the negative impact that we have on our environment, both within the UK and worldwide.  We are proud to be the first large card retailer to to remove single-use plastics from our recyclable greeting cards.  In 2019 we launched our card corner, InFold, which holds the card with its envelope, secured with a paper sticker at the back. A lot of blood, sweat and tears went into finding the right solution for us.  The introduction of InFold has saved the use of approximately 11,000 individual plastic bags every single day!

Next up was launching plastic-free roll wrap. This environmentally friendly solution to gift wrap comes without the unnecessary tube inside, leaving room for an extra 2 metres of paper. Each roll is secured with a paper sticker, and 10cm excess has been added to allow damaged edges to be removed.



We also work closely with our warehouse and have made changes there.  Gone are the plastic air pockets and bubble wrap used and plastic tape, we now only use recycled paper packaging and recycled paper tape on all boxes.



Whether it's ditching the plastic water bottles or banishing plastic straws and stirrers for good, every change you make, no matter how small can have a huge impact.  

Read more about our Sustainability pledge here.