Grow your own tomatoes this spring

There are many benefits to growing your own tomatoes.  Packed with more antioxidants and flavour than shop-bought tomatoes, these delicious fruits are also fairly easy to grow at home.  Read on to learn how...


choose and sow your seeds


Pick your seeds depending on the kind of tomatoes you'd like to grow.  You'll want to start your seeds indoors or in a greenhouse to make sure they're warm enough.  In clean plastic pots, spread a layer of high-quality seed starter mix.  Sow your seeds just below the surface, about a quarter of an inch deep.


find a bright, sunny windowsill

Young seedlings need plenty of natural light in order to grow.  Your seedlings will start to lean as they stretch towards the light, but all you need to do is turn them around every few days so they grow evenly.


tomato seedlings image


keep the soil moist

It's important to get the watering of seedlings right, as too much or not enough water can kill them.  Make sure the soil remains moist but not drenched.  A spray bottle works well for these beginning stages.


harden off your seedlings

After the last frost before spring, it's time to harden off your little plants.  This means slowly getting your seedlings used to the cooler outside temperatures.  Start by putting the seedlings outside in the afternoon and bringing them inside at night; this process should take 5-7 days.


tomato plant image



plant your seedlings outside

After the hardening off process, it's now time to plant them outside.  You can keep them in pots, or transfer them into raised beds.  As the plants grow, you will need to support them with canes to stop them falling over.  Make sure you feed your tomatoes and keep them watered!


tomato plant and fruit image




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