Tips for a Self Care Sunday

Add a Sunday night routine to your life and you'll feel more energised, positive and ready for a productive week ahead. Simply taking a few minutes to yourself can have a huge positive impact on your mindset. Read on to discover our tips for a Sunday self care routine.


Take a relaxing bath

caroline gardner bath books reading sunday selfcare

Taking a bath that has a neutral temperature does wonders to relax the body. Getting the water a similar temperature to your body calms the nervous system and naturally helps to slow down your breathing.


Reading before bed

caroline gardner reading books bed time self care

Take a break from your screen and pick up a good book. Looking at the light of a phone or TV just before you try to sleep affects the production of melatonin, meaning your sleep cycle is more likely to be interrupted.


Move your body

caroline gardner yoga wellness self care

Movement such as yoga or pilates allows the mind to be drawn back to the breath and slow down. There are plenty of amazing classes online, making it easier to fit the practice around a busy schedule.


Write it down

caroline gardner wellness journalling

Writing down any worries, concerns or stressors coming up in the week allows them to feel far more manageable. A nice journal that you enjoy writing in can make all the difference too!


Have a little clean

caroline gardner cleaning wellness


There's something therapeutic about cleaning the bathroom and doing the dishes. Waking up to a cluttered house can make you feel stressed, so bring a little calm to your space with a quick clean.

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