The story of the Silver Baby Feet Card

New arrivals

So many of our team have had babies this year or are currently expecting. It’s so exciting to be welcoming so many little ones. COVID19 was initially pipped to cause a spike in births, but new reports are speculating the opposite! Well, in our admittedly small sample group, it’s certainly a boom! And last week, on the 11th June, Caroline & Angus’ daughter, Flora, had a baby girl, at Chelsea and Westminster hospital.

Flora's baby is significant to the Caroline Gardner brand story, because of one card in particular.

Baby Feet Card

Our oldest new baby card

Our silver feet new baby card (NT119) was part of one of Caroline’s first greetings card ranges. It is one of the very few from that range that we still print today! The style of these cards was pared back and featured a simple motif that captured the heart of each celebration they denoted. The motifs were originally sculpted out of pieces of wire and layered over natural papers but then evolved to be die-stamped by machine to give a luxurious deeply embossed metallic silver finish.

Original Caroline Gardner cards

Who's feet are they?

The feet were drawn from a print of Flora’s little feet when she was just a few weeks old. This card therefore holds a special place in the Gardner family archives.

NT119 was first printed over 25 years ago. Unfortunately our records only go back to 2015, but even since then, this particular card has been included in numerous print runs and has been sold by hundreds of our lovely stockists. All tallied up that’s 94,020 baby feet cards lovingly sent and joyfully received!

A timeless design

Baby feet are so tiny and precious, they make a perfect motif that so many new mothers relate to. Combined with the total simplicity of this card and the high quality embossed finish, we think that’s why it has stood the test of time…officially one generation old and still going strong.

Flora's Baby's Feet

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