International Women’s Day

 Meet the strong women in our business

The 8th March marks the celebration of International Women’s Day, a day to commemorate achievements of women from all over the world. International Women’s Day is the perfect occasion to celebrate the female strength, beauty and strength. 

Did you know that…
Despite women coming together for demonstrations for women’s rights since the early 20th century, International Women’s Day became an official global holiday only in 1977?

There are many ways to celebrate International Women’s Day, from simply praising the women in your life for their hard work, taking part in one of the manifestations to promote gender quality or treating yourself or your gal pals to a little gift or night out. Whatever you do on this day, spend a bit of time reminding yourself and others how strong and determined women are.

As a team led by women, this celebration holds a special meaning at Caroline Gardner. Women are the backbone in Caroline Gardner, which was funded by Caroline when she decided to follow her passion for card making. Her courage and effort were the driving forces behind the birth and growth of the brand, which now sees a predominantly female staff, who comes up with brilliant design ideas and run the business in all its aspects every day.

Because women are so important at Caroline Gardner, we decided to give space to some of our strong women. We asked them some questions about being a woman in our business. Come and meet them!

Director of design

What’s your favourite part working at Caroline Gardner?

The team - we work so well together and have fun doing it! I also genuinely love the product, there's nothing like starting a brand-new notebook. My background is in print design, so this is probably my favourite part of the job.

How will you celebrate Women's Day?

I really enjoy Instagram on International Women's Day as it's a place for women (and men) to big each other up and call out women we admire. I love seeing all the posts about how awesome we all are, sometimes we all need a little reminder.

Sales Director

What’s your favourite part working at Caroline Gardner?

The team, definitely the team. It is a joy to work in a company with such fabulous people. Working with such fabulous product is also a massive bonus!

How will you celebrate Women's Day?

I will spend the day surrounded by my fabulous team followed by an evening with the most inspirational woman in my life; my mum.

Commercial Director

What’s your favourite part working at Caroline Gardner?

The team and our energy.

How will you celebrate Women's Day?

I will not be able to see my mum and so have posted her our fab puzzle to show my appreciation. My mum gave me every opportunity to be happy in life and the foundations to be an independent and strong female.

At home, 8-year-old boy / girl twins and I will be reading our Great Women in History book and celebrating all the female hero's in our lives. For them to be born into a time where women and men stand together is a privilege.


On this very special day, we will make sure to remind our team members and all the women we know – friends, relatives, co-workers – of how strong and passionate and beautiful they are. Make sure you do the same! 

 Happy International Women’s Day!