Five Top Tips to Keep Your Desk Tidy and Organised

Does a cluttered desk result in a cluttered mind? Can a clean desk help organise your thoughts?

It’s a debate without a definite answer – some say a messy desk means you’re more creative, while a tidy desk makes you seem organised and reliable. Of course, everyone works differently, at Caroline Gardner we might not always be tidy on a daily basis, but we do love a good clear out and Spring clean, a fresh start to each week.

 Studies have shown that people with a clean desk*…

  • Can work 7.5 extra minutes without losing focus
  • Get fewer colds and flu as it’s easier to clean the bacteria from their clear desks
  • Find important documents and information quickly and efficiently
  • Are more productive and focused

Here at Caroline Gardner we know how messy your desk can quickly turn after taking your notebooks, pencil case, pens and notes out of your bag, or at the end of a busy day, so here are out top tips to keep your desk organised and best set you up to have a clear mind, organised to do list and be able to work more efficiently. 

1. Use a White Board for quick notes

If you often find yourself writing down information you will only need for a limited period of time, a whiteboard can be just for you! Instead of having tons of pieces of paper laying around or noting down on random pages of your notebook, a whiteboard can keep the information for as long as it is needed. This will also reduce the amount of paper thrown away, as a single wipe of the board creates a fresh new ‘page’.

Caroline Gardner Jot it Down Whiteboard
2. Note it down on desk and list pads 

If you really can’t go without paper (which as paper lovers ourselves, we totally understand) a desk pad or list pad might be for you. Perfect for quick notes or organised lists you can check off, they are also light and take up little space. You can also use different pages for different topics or projects, plus, the feeling of ripping off a page that is not needed anymore after a long day at work is so satisfying.

  Caroline Gardner fleur desk pad

 Caroline Gardner Fluer List pad

Caroline Gardner hearts desk pad


3. Clear some space with a desk tidy

Now, this is our absolute favourite desk item – behold, the desk tidy. It’s not only great for organising stationery and notebooks, but it also looks stylish and sophisticated. We are sure you will love the feeling of tidying everything away at the end of the day and looking at how neat and beautiful your stationery looks tidied away in this glass and gold desk tidy.

Caroline Gardner Desk Tidy

4. Use a Magazine File

If notebooks are not for you and you prefer to work in different folders and files, a magazine file is just what you need to avoid spending hours looking for the document you absolutely need before an important meeting. Made of glass and finished with beautiful gold frames, this magazine file will make your desk look tidy and beautiful. Our designers love them for keeping their fabric colour cards to hand, while the sales team use them to keep our catalogues at their fingertips.

Caroline Gardner magazine File

5. Display your pens and pencils 

While a pencil case is great for carrying pens and pencils to and from your home office to the workplace and back, it’s sometimes easier to have things a little closer to hand! Which is why we created two different triple pots! They are made of glass and are perfect to sort out the different pens and writing supplies you can’t go without. We love creating a rainbow of colours with pens and highlighters, adding a little sunshine to our desks too.

Caroline Gardner Triple Pen Pot Caroline Gardner Black triple pen pot

We hope out top tips for an organised and clean desk will help you make your work or study space a great place to spend time in.