Design Stories: Sand Dunes

Introducing 'Sand Dunes' our latest high summer gift story is here to whisk you away to those blissful lazy beach days. We sat down with our design team to uncover the inspiration behind this dreamy collection...

1. What's the inspiration behind the 'Sand Dunes' collection?

Caroline, our design visionary, finds solace and inspiration by the sea. Her passion for collecting unique shells and stones during coastal retreats sparked the creation of this collection, celebrating the natural beauty of beaches and their vibrant, bold colours.

2. What can we expect from the new products?

The 'Sand Dunes' collection introduces exciting additions, including a set of 3 notebooks, a set of 3 pouches, and stylish crossbody bags with contrast heart print lining. Each item has been designed to capture that laid-back charm and tranquility of lazy beach days.

3. How does the collection capture the essence of summer?

With its deck chair stripes and beach hut vibes, the collection effortlessly brings the spirit of summer to life. From the playful patterns to the refreshing colour palette, every detail reflects the carefree atmosphere of coastal getaways.

4. How can you incorporate the 'Sand Dunes' collection into your summer style?

Whether you find yourself lounging by the shore, toes in the sand, or simply yearning for a touch of seaside charm on city streets, these playful pieces offer versatile additions that seamlessly elevate your summer wardrobe. From the soothing blues reminiscent of ocean waves to the warm yellows and oranges inspired by sun-kissed sands, we wanted to include colours reminiscent of coastal living.

We hope you enjoyed this peek behind the scenes with our design team! Now, dive into the tranquil beauty of the 'Sand Dunes' collection and let those lazy beach day vibes wash over you. Click here to explore the full collection...