Confessions of a Stationery-Lover

We at Caroline Gardner are papyrophiliacs. Are you one of us too?

If you do not know who a papyrophiliac is, let us give you some hints about what it means to be a papyrophiliac.

Papyrophiliacs love the smell of a brand new notebook. We get a thrill when we find the pen that makes our handwriting look neat. We can’t help but look at every stationery item we come across and wonder what new possibilities lie in the pages of a beautiful notebook or in the ink of a lovely pen.

You probably guessed it by now.

A papyrophiliac is a stationery lover. Some say papyrophiliacs feel more than just than love, maybe an obsession with beautiful stationery. But can we be blamed for being obsessed with beautiful prints, lovely textures and the excitement of opening a new notebook and seeing its blank pages ready to be filled?

Even in the age of digital, when smartphones, tablets and computers are pretty much always at hand, papyrophiliacs see stationery as a tool to structure and maintain order in hectic and busy lives. Having a copy of contacts, daily commitments and any other information not to be forgotten, gives papyrophiliacs a sense of security. Nothing can replace the feeling and sound of a pen running smoothly on a thick piece of paper that slowly fills with notes and thoughts.

We asked our staff members about their love for luxury stationery to find out about what makes them excited and thrilled when buying and using stationery. Here’s what they had to say:

kraft brown and monochrome stationery, notebooks, pencil case and pen

A new pencil case means one thing: a new home for my writing tools. Moving my pens and pencils from an old to a new pencil case feels like helping them moving to a new home and a new chapter of their lives.”

I know it may sound unusual, but luxury stationery is a real treat for me. Thick papers in a hardback notebook and a weighty shiny pen to fill the pages of a recipe journal with my new favourite recipes are a real pleasure.”

You know when you buy a new notebook for work knowing you will end up scribbling on its pages with random notes and unreadable words but at the same time you want that first page to look as good and neat as possible? That’s exactly how I feel whenever I buy a new notebook.”

monochrome hearts print notebooks & colourful pens

Let’s talk about bag essentials: phone, keys, cards, tissues, notebook and pen. Whenever I talk about what I  carry around, I realise I am the odd one out in always having a notebook and pen with me. These two items give me a sense of safety in knowing I have a safe space to write down notes and random thoughts which might be useful.

Stationery is also a way to express one’s personality. With the wide choice we are now offered, from prints, to sizes and formats, from textures to colours, stationery gives us the possibility to show our taste and identity. 

Our love for stationery pushes us to always think of new designs to add to our signature designer stationery collection. We just launched so many new stationery products we are finding it hard to select our favourite notebooks, pens, pencil cases, planners, journals and pads.

Nevertheless, we tried hard to pick our favourites items from our latest collections which just launched on our website. If you are looking to buy stationery online, Caroline Gardner offers a wide range of products to best satisfy your need for designer notebooks and other luxury stationery items.


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