Celebrate diversity and uniqueness this Pride Month

June marks Pride Month, a month dedicated to the celebration of the LGBT+ community. June 2021 marks the 51st Pride since the first parade was organised in 1970. June was chosen as it marks the Stonewall Riots that broke out in New York after a police raid of the city’s popular gay clubs. The regulars fought back courageously and the parade custom was born.  

Today Pride Month aims at getting people together to cherish diversity and inclusion, whilst also reminding us of the need for more actions to ensure an equal society, where everyone is respected and valued as an individual, regardless of who they are.

Pride parade london

Image: https://www.timeout.com/london/things-to-do/pride-in-london-your-ultimate-guide

Pride is a reminder of the beauty of inclusivity and difference. Our brand strongly believes these values should be celebrated and cherished every day, to create an environment where every single individual can express their unique colours and identity.

The colours of the pride flag symbolise life, sunlight, harmony, peace and spirit. The rainbow is used by individuals and allies as an outward symbol of their identity or support and this is why we have decided to donate the profits from the sales of our rainbow-printed stationery and gifts to this event.

Rainbow product caroline gardner

We at Caroline Gardner strive to celebrate diversity and boldness in everything we do. We love to use unconventional patterns and colour combinations to create vibrant and bright products that we hope might enable others to express their identity.

We understand that choosing to be different is not easy and it may look scary and daunting to divert from the path, from the norm. Being different requires a lot of courage and boldness. It is our hope, therefore, that together, by embracing change and diversity we can help create a society in which everyone will be able to choose to be bold and show their true colours. 

Our ethos is to be kind to ourselves and others. We include these ideals in our work ethics and workplace. As a greetings cards and gifts brand, it’s heart-warming to know that what we do centres around giving…

“We should never forget what giving is all about. It's an expression of you; it's an opportunity to tell those closest to you how much they mean. It's a way of bringing those further away a little bit closer.”

Caroline Gardner, founder


Just Like US Charity Logo

This year, to celebrate the inclusion of everyone who dares to be different, we chose to support Just Like Us. This charity supports LGBT+ young people through programmes run in schools to allow LGBT+ students to be heard, understood, and flourish in a supportive and safe environment, where they can be themselves and thrive. Just Like Us trains young LGBT members to become advocates and role models for fellow young people and organises anti-bullying programmes to tackle the issues young people might be facing in schools and colleges that can present an obstacle to their growth and happiness.