The Art of Sale Shopping

We all love a good sale, and the Caroline Gardner Mid Season Sale commenced on Wednesday. If you’ve missed it, don’t panic, but be sure to sign up for our newsletter so that you’re always kept in the know and get first dibs!
Sale shopping for gifts is an opportunity to curate a little group of perfectly complementary items, when your budget might otherwise have only stretched to one. In that lies the potential to embrace a theme or show how well you really know your recipient.
We’ve had a browse of the sale, currently in full swing, to show you some lovely gift-combo ideas to get the ball rolling. Here they are and why we picked them…
 A Fresh Start
A Fresh Start Gift Combination

Grey Floral Pen Set of 2 - Sale price£8.00 Save 50%

Pink Velvet Small Pencil CaseSale price£10.15 Save 30%

Grey Floral Ribbon Journal NotebookSale price£12.95 Save 30%

Total: £31.10

Total saving: £17.90

This trio of stationery gems has a perfectly coordinated pastel palette that signifies the idea of a fresh start. Whether your recipient has a new job, a new class or is taking up a new hobby, this set will make their desk pretty as a picture. There is a clear stationery theme and it covers all bases. The notebook, the pens to write in the notebook and the pencil case in which to put the pens. It may seem obvious, but it’s thoughtful to think of the whole experience in this way.

A Confidence Boost

A Confidence Boost

Pink Raffia Statement Earrings Sale price£11.20 Save 30%

Believe in Yourself Everyday CardSale price£2.10 Save 30%

Leopard Print Pocket Mirror - Sale price£4.25 Save 50%

Total: £17.55

Total saving: £9.95

It’s no understatement to say, it’s been a tricky few months. A confidence boosting parcel might be just what someone you know needs right now. These items centre around positive self image. A pair of head-turning statement earrings to put a spring in your step, a leopard print compact with the slogan ‘GO WILD’ and a card of encouragement. There’s nothing shy about this ensemble: bold colours, bold print and words that should be shouted from the rooftops!
The Care Package

The Care Package

Scribble Spot Silky Eye Mask In PouchSale price£8.00 Save 50%

Green Tea CandleSale price£19.20 Save 20%

Dark Green Velvet Cube Cosmetic BagSale price£9.25 Save 50%

Total: £36.45

Total saving: £22.05

This gift set for self care has a lovely natural colour palette and serene textures in the silky fabric of the eye mask and the plush velvet of the cosmetic bag. The three items sit well together without being a matching cliché. The recipient can enjoy a relaxing evening, light a candle, pamper themselves with creams and lotions and drift into an undisturbed slumber. Again, the gift is more than a set of objects, but rather permission to take a break and indulge a little. 

Glamour on the Go

Glamour on the Go

Metallic Stripe Thermal Travel MugSale price£4.20 Save 70%

Gorgeous Birthday CardSale price£2.45 Save 30%

Gold Leather Top Handle Camera BagSale price£49.00 Save 50%

Total: £55.65

Total saving: £59.85

So many of us have celebrated our birthdays in less-spectacular-than-usual fashion; lock down has been a party pooper! For a special gift that exudes style with a metallic thread running throughout, this gift nods to the glam that would have been. The bag is crafted from leather, making it a real steal at 50% off and, with autumn around the corner, the thermal mug is a handy accessory for those pumpkin spiced lattes! When the disco is closed, everyday metallics are the next best thing.


To make finding just the right gifts for your individual recipients, we’ve split the sale by category, stationery, accessories, home and bags, so it’s easier to shop. You can also filter by colour and material using the filtering on the left had side of the page. 

Card Bundle Offer

There are lots of classic Caroline Gardner card designs to be found in the sale too, and what’s more, we are extending our popular Card Bundle Offer to include them. So you can pick and mix cards from across the site and receive the 7th one FREE. There really has never been a better time to peruse for your custom bundle and be ready and raring to go with a beautiful card for every occasion.

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