International Cat Day- Top picks for cat-lovers

The 8th August 2021 marks the 19th celebration of International Cat Day. This celebration was first introduced in 2002 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare to spread awareness about the best ways to care for and protect our feline friends. Since 2020, the event is promoted by a British non-profit organisation, the International Cat Care, that was founded in 1958 with the purpose of improving the health and welfare of domestic cats.

Cats are independent, fierce and loyal creatures. Sure, they can be mischievous and distracting, but their squishy paw pads and expressive faces are worth the scratching up of your favourite furnishings and lying on keyboards and books in the most inconvenient moments.

Though Caroline is very much Team Dog (we must not make Frank and Miller feel left out) International Cat Day is the perfect chance for us cat owners and lovers to spoil our fluffy friends and shower them with love. Not only will cats appreciate the extra cuddles and treats, but we as humans will benefit from this contact. In fact, getting a cat has been proven to be a way to produce stress-reducing hormones, which have beneficial effects on stress levels.

This is just one of the many reasons why cats make great pets. Besides contributing to a better mental health, cats are also great emotional companions and emotional supporters. Having a furry, curious creature wandering around the house and exploring every little corner with excited eyes can in fact reduce the feeling of loneliness.

Here at Caroline Gardner the team LOVES cats and this means we cannot resist featuring them on many of our cards. Our card team have drawn many cute and characterful cats for our card ranges, to make sure you can find the purrfect card for the people who absolutely love cats in your life. We offer different designs and styles, from a sophisticated golden cat silhouette to funny party cats, so you can wish a happy birthday to your cat loving friends with a card they will love and remember! 

Cat Birthday Cards


One of our latest collections is also inspired by felines. “Make your Mark” features products in leopard prints as well as a leaping leopard print inspired by our Cut-Out card range. This range is all about bold prints that are unapologetically bold and powerful, much like cats, in fact! We named the collection Mark Your Mark as a nod to the beautiful markings found on big cats and also in the hope that they encourage us all to feel confident and empowered as we go about our daily lives.

Make Your Mark Collection


We asked the members of the Caroline Team to share pictures of their furry friends... 


Owner: Luce (Store Manager)

Name: Nico

Most annoying trait: Climbing into the plant pots and kicking the dirt out.

Most adorable trait: Falling asleep on his back for belly rubs.


Owner: Clio (Buyer)

Name: Betty

Most annoying trait: 5am purring to let you know she's alive

Most adorable trait: Can hold a conversation.


Owner: Laura (Web)

Name: Suze

Most annoying trait: Drinking from glasses of water meant for the humans.

Most adorable trait: Chirrups when she enters a room to alert everyone to her arrival. 

 Sophie's cats

Owner: Sophie (Sales)

Name: Pickle and Pearl

Most annoying trait: Being fussy about their favourite treats!

Most adorable trait: Relaxing at the end of a ‘long’ day having sister cuddles

 Ellie's cat

Owner: Ellie (Sales)

Name: Monty

Most annoying trait: She steals her food pouches when we aren’t looking and runs of with them, then tears into them having a little feast in the corner! (doesn’t happen that often though)

Most adorable trait: She always likes to cosy up with us and wherever we are she will always be by our side.

 Martina's cat Bella

Owner: Martina (Web)

Name: Bella

Most annoying trait: She gets very irritiated whenever you touch her paws.

Most adorable trait: Bumping her head under your chin to ask for cuddles.