How to upload your own zoom virtual background

Zoom calls are now part of our new normal, whether it’s for work meetings, family quizzes, virtual cocktails with friends or online classes, zoom has quickly become one of our most used apps. However, as many of us now find ourselves working from home we don’t all have private office spaces free from roommates or partners, not to mention those trying to also juggle homeschooling. So we’ve created six fun zoom backdrops to keep your meetings and catchups distraction free and pretty. It’s a great hack for when you didn’t have a chance to tidy up before yet another quiz or if you are just sick of seeing the same wallpaper every single day. Our new backgrounds are sure to brighten up your backdrop when you fancy a change.

How to upload your Caroline Gardner Zoom virtual background

  1. First download your favourite background from our new designs here.
  2. Open Zoom and go to settings. Now find the ‘Virtual Background’ section. Here you will see the default backgrounds Zoom offers.
How to upload your own zoom virtual background
  1. Click the plus button (highlighted above) to add your new background. Locate the image you have just saved and press open.
  2. Your new background is set! Simple as that.

You can also change your background while you’re in a video call by selecting the arrow next to the ‘Stop Video’ button. Choose ‘select virtual background’ and follow the steps above.

How to upload your own zoom virtual background


We hope you love our new virtual zoom backgrounds inspired by some of our favourite prints and wrapping paper. And if you can’t wait until your next zoom to use them why not set one as your desktop background too!

Happy zooming!